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Common Misconceptions and FAQ

How can a woman want rich guys and outlaw bikers? Isn't this a contradiction? The Rich Man/Biker 'Paradox'

One problem often brought to my attention as a 'contradiction' in Ladder Theory is that it postulates that women want rich men as well as Outlaw Bikers, who are generally the opposite of rich men in every way. This leads to insightful analysis like 'well, how can they want both? your theory sucks.' I can see how one could come to this conclusion since I state that women want rich men and Outlaw Bikers, but Outlaw Bikers are typically are not rich, barring drug dealing activity.

The best place to start is to reformulate the question in another form. Given the high percentage of female attraction attributed to money/power, why isn't every woman fucking a wealthy man? When we state the question in this way the answer becomes clear: scarcity. To belabor the point, if all men were equally wealthy or powerful then there would be no distinction between them, and this variable would be eliminated from the Ladder. Since rich men are scarce, they are more in demand. Since they are high up on a lot of women's ladders, they are able to have women that are high up their own ladders.

Despite the common misconception that males are out to fuck anything that moves(although they might be out to fuck anything really HOT that moves), they have a Ladder and a ranking system of their own. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that men never exercise judgment regarding whom they fuck. If that was the case, it would
be like a game of tag -- whatever women gets there first and promises to lick his balls wins. Not the case.

What many people forget about the Ladder is that men have Ladders and ranking also. A woman can't have any man she wants. Sometimes a man doesn't want a woman because he's had much better, or he just doesn't find her attractive.

If we put the following question to a female honestly, the answer will be yes almost all of the time: "I like that person now, but would I prefer that they were as they are plus more attractive or more wealthy?" Well why wouldn't you want someone just as they were but with a little more money or a little better looks? There is one instance, that is when gaining those things would put them high enough on the ladders of others that you could no longer compete. We know that if someone improves themselves drastically they will move on to better people unless they feel a very acute sense of loyalty.

All women want a hot, rich man. That is not possible for all women. There are a shortage of rich men, and a definite shortage of hot rich men, since if a man is rich he doesn't have to bother to look good. So if most of the men in a woman's life are of basically average looks and similar income, what is going to win out? Novelty, and power, which many outlaw bikers possess. By the description of attraction in the Ladder Theory it only goes to follow that if a woman can't have a rich man, that she'll gravitate toward an Outlaw Biker. Note also that the time-relative nature of the money variable predicts that a woman will be more likely to want an Outlaw Biker when she is younger, since the Outlaw Biker is usually lacking in money. This appears to be consistent with observation.

Can't the two ladders be represented as just one big ladder for women?

A lot of people have suggested that women really only have one ladder, or men really have two, and both are completely missing the point of the 1-2 ladder scheme. Yes you COULD say that guys who women won't fuck are way down on their only ladder and you COULD say that guys have a separate ladder for women they wouldn't fuck.

The point of saying women have two ladders and men have 1 ladder is to illustrate the fundamental difference in outlook between men and women. The point is that for men, there is a ranking that takes place based on the pie charts and women get put on the ladder and that's it. How much do I want to fuck her is the fundamental unit of a man's thought.

A woman on the other hand, seems able to recognize atrributes in a man that would make her want to fuck him and yet still not fuck him, either because he is too good a friend, or because she just 'doesn't see him that way' or by some strange mystery of human chemistry. So the metaphorof the two ladders is to illustrate this fundamental difference in thought.

Are you serious or is the site just satire?
Nothing is just satire.

What about homosexual/bi-sexual/trangendered/spongecake fetishists?
I pretty much reject those labels. I think it's more of a spectrum with 1 being something like perfectly straight, and 10 being perfectly gay. I am about a 2.5. Therefore I don't feel qualified to write about h/b/t/s relationships. If someone who is more gay than I wants to, I'll be glad to post it if it isn't a total piece of shit.

I don't understand how my situation -- [ insert situation XX ] -- fits in with the ladder theory
Try harder. Ask your friends, Ask your friends again.

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