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Answers to Common Criticisms

Criticism: You're just bitter.
Answer: Maybe I am. But ladder theory made me that way, my bitterness did not make ladder theory. Attack the theory, not the person behind it. And why does everyone always say I'm bitter just because 99.999% of chicks are bitches?

Criticism: I have lots of male friends who would never think of me that way blah blah blah.
Answer: Your friend doesn't find you attractive, or he's currently doing better, or he's gay or you're wrong.

Criticism: That's not true
Answer: Yes it is.

Criticism: So a woman is a bad person just because she won't sleep with you? Don't you hang out with people you don't want to sleep with? Are women supposed to just fuck every guy who wants to fuck them so they won't be bitches?
Answer: Yes, I hang out with people I don't want to sleep with, but they're all people who don't want to sleep with me either. So there's equity. It's not that I think women are bad people for not wanting to sleep with me. It's moreso that:
I have plenty of friends already
I will never be able to truly be friends with them because my perspective will be colored by my desire to sleep with them
If they are not cool then they are probably just attractive and why would i want to hang out with them if they won't sleep with me? If they are cool then the desire to sleep with them will only intensify the more I hang out with them so I am really only torturing myself emotionally to hang out with them and pretend that that is all I want. Why would I or any guy want to put himself through that?

Criticism: Do you expect to get laid when you have this whole site devoted to how much you hate women?
Answer: First off, this is a forum for my narcissism. As to hatred of women -- if that's what you think then you are clearly projecting your guilt about being a bitch onto me. Not a single woman who wasn't a bitch has ever complained about misogyny at this site. I can prove this on an abacus.

Criticism: In the section on ladder disparity you make reference to the 'hypotenuse.' The ladders however, are metaphorical constructs, and are not a defined distance apart from each other so this term is misleading.
Answer: It seems that way at first, but that's because you have failed to understand the topology of Ladder Space, which should of course be so obvious that a formal proof is not required. Idiot.

Criticism: You must have been terribly hurt, or had a terrible relationship with your mom or [insert pseudo-Freudian amateur psycho-babble analysis here]
Answer: See my answer to the first criticism. Also, why doesn't anyone ever assume that my mother was so great that I have never yet found a woman to live up to her standard and thus became bitter?

Criticism: You must have too much time on your hands, and you must not be getting laid, to write all this stuff. Lighten up, and [insert one of: grow up, get laid, or get a life.]
Answer: Depends on my mood.

For a good mood: Who says I don't get laid? For all you know I've only had 4 rejections in 25 years. Not bad on the whole. Also, I'm just presenting the world as I see it. I never said I was angry that women all want rich guys. Indeed, it gives me an incentive to save money. To the contrary I don't have enough time. Like Keats, I am afraid my pen, or keyboard as the case may be, will not have time to glean my teeming brain before I shuffle off this mortal coil. Assuming you are correct, though, how would that change the ladder theory?

For a bad mood: Right, some kind of life it must be if you're spending time writing missives about the virtues of women friends to guys who have websites. You obviously got married too soon or are a pussy whipped little bitch who knows he can't pull off what women really want so you spin these little defensive theories about how you should be nice and sweet and kind, and I'm sure it occasionally gets you some very boring women. As for me, I'll be partying with a couple of hookers who are VERY honest about what they want and suck a good dick. Just please raise your mewling little brats not to talk in movie theatres, and not to bother people trying to do something creative with their snivelling.

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